Doubling Impact: Navigating the Shift from One to Two Church Services

Why add another service? Growth and multiplication are signs of a healthy church. This isn’t just about getting more people in seats in the building; it’s about creating new opportunities for reaching out, engaging more volunteers, and widening your church’s impact. Remember, every empty seat is a missed opportunity to change a life.

Breaking the 200 Barrier

Many churches hit a growth ceiling of around 200 in attendance. Expanding to two services is a strategic move to help break this barrier. It’s about more than numbers; it’s about making room for more stories of life change. This change pushes your church to develop new systems and processes vital for sustainable growth.

Volunteerism: The Growth Engine

Volunteer growth precedes congregational growth. It’s a leading indicator. Expanding to a second service gives a fantastic opportunity to mobilize more people into meaningful service. Remember, engaged volunteers don’t just fill roles; they invite friends, they bring energy, and they embody the mission of the church.

Training: Seize the Moment

Adding a service is an incredible chance to level up in training and outreach. It’s the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your volunteer training and create standard operating procedures to benefit your church long-term.

Outreach: Internal and External Promotion

Internal promotion is about getting your existing congregation excited and informed about adding a new service. This involves clear, consistent communication through channels your members are familiar with. Use your Sunday announcements, church newsletters, and social media platforms to share the why behind the additional service. Emphasize how this change aligns with your church’s vision and mission.

External promotion is about reaching out to the community and letting them know they are welcome at your church. This can take many forms, from traditional methods like flyers and community bulletin boards to digital strategies such as targeted social media ads and updates on your church website.

Fostering Community in a Multi-Service Church

A big question we often wrestle with is how multiple services affect the sense of community. Here’s the thing: community isn’t confined to a single service. It’s about creating connections that go beyond Sunday mornings. This shift is a call to innovate in how we foster community – through small groups, teams, and social gatherings that bridge service times.

Vision Alignment: More Than Adding a Service

This move should be a direct reflection of your church’s vision. It’s not just a logistical decision; it’s a visionary one. Aligning the addition of a service with your church’s mission to reach more people, deepen faith, and serve the community is crucial. It’s about making your vision tangible, one service at a time.

Maximizing Service Times: Strategic Decisions

And finally, let’s get practical about service times. Whether you choose an additive or split approach, the key is strategic decision-making that considers your community’s needs and rhythms. Communicating these changes is just as important – it’s an opportunity to remind your congregation why we gather and the importance of our mission.

If you’re considering this significant step, or even if you’re just curious about what it might look like for your church, tune into this episode. “Doubling Impact: Navigating the Shift from One to Two Church Services” isn’t just a discussion; it’s a roadmap for church growth and impact.

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Rich Birch
Rich Birch is one of the early multi-site church pioneers in North America. He led the charge in helping The Meeting House in Toronto to become the leading multi-site church in Canada with over 5,000+ people in 18 locations. In addition, he served on the leadership team of Connexus Church in Ontario, a North Point Community Church Strategic Partner. He has also been a part of the lead team at Liquid Church - a 5 location multisite church serving the Manhattan facing suburbs of New Jersey. Liquid is known for it’s innovative approach to outreach and community impact. Rich is passionate about helping churches reach more people, more quickly through excellent execution.His latest book Church Growth Flywheel: 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your Church is an Amazon bestseller and is design to help your church reach more people in your community.