Experts Can Be Wrong. You Can Be Right.

Our culture loves experts.

“A survey of leading experts in the field indicates . . . ”  We hear that sort of thing all the time.

But you know and I know that experts can be wrong.

I’d love to hear a time that you swerved from the pack and went in a different direction than the experts and it seemed to turn out great.

“Best practices” and benchmarking are good . . . but we need to be keenly aware of the culture that God has placed us in to lead.  What can we learn from others and then apply that to our context.

I loved the early days of Willow Creek conferences . . . it seemed like they spent just as much time telling churches to not try to do this stuff . . . to learn the principles and then go how and try to apply them in their context.  In our “expert” culture . . . that message can sometimes get lost.

So what about you.  How have you swerved?  What have you done that would seem like swimming up the stream but it seems to be working?  Would love to hear you!

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