Fancy Ketchup and Church Marketing

This week we are talking about stuff that I really have no idea about. I’m hopeing to learn from you . . . join the conversation.

Over the Christmas holidays we ended up in a McDonald’s.  I noticed something slightly odd that I don’t think I’ve noticed in the past at McDonald’s . . . the name of the ketchup.

FANCY Ketchup.  Really.  Fancy?  Who is McDonald’s kidding!?  What exactly is “fancy” about the ketchup inside this package?

I especially love how big the word FANCY is on that package.  You really can’t miss it.

It made me chuckle . . . so I took a pic.

The question I don’t know the answer to is . . . how far is too far in church marketing?

We have an incredible story we want to tell and we really do want the whole world to hear it.  But is there too far that we can go . . . to the point where our actual communication of the message underminds the message itself?

It’s easier to see this in other people’s ministries.  But what about in your own context.  When is a time that you’ve stepped over the line?

For me it was years ago . . . we did a series called “The Way – A trip through the teachings of the orginal hippy from Nazareth.”  Visually it hit it’s mark . . . it sure looked like it came right outta the 60’s.  People loved it at the time . . . I look back and wondered it was it overreaching.  We did end up getting made fun of in The Door . . . which was kind of a backhanded compliment.

What about you?  Where is the line?  Where have you crossed it?

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