Ideas for your church’s “First Time” Tab on your Facebook Page

This week we are going to look at three easy to implement ideas for increasing the engagement with your people through your church’s facebook page.  In the last 18 months our facebook presence has grown 500% and now exceeds our Sunday morning attendance by 1,000 people! Our goal is to not only increase your “fans” but also to increase the amount that that interact with you online!

Again for today’s post we are talking about some stuff that is kinda techy in nature.  If you need some help setting a “landing page” on your facebook page please read this article on Mashable. [A great guide to setting up a landing page.]

Remember that the name of the game on facebook is engagement . . . how can we make our users want to reach out and interact with us?  You can set up your church’s facebook page so that first time visitors are presented with a special “tab” that welcomes them to your page.  Here are some ideas on increasing the engagement with this “First Time” tab!

  • Ask them to “like” you! People need to know what to do next when they get to your page.  We made a graphic that points to the “like” button to make it super easy!
  • Let them know when you meet. At the end of all of this you want to “convert” facebook users to people actually showing up to services.  Make sure all the information that is required to come to your services is on this tab.
  • Give them a sense of the “flavor” of your church. Take some time to “show not tell” what your church is all about.  Remember that pictures tell a thousand words!  (Of course . . . that applies if the pictures are kinda stinky . . . that will communicate something too!)  We ripped off Gary Vaynerchuk’s landing page graphic idea for ours.  [Gary’s] vs. [Liquid’s]

Here are some other landing pages that I think are pretty cool . . . go check them out and get some inspiration for your church’s!

  • RedBull … Like Our Page. Hint, Hint. Can anyone guess that they want people to do when they arrive? [Check out these arrows!]
  • Toyota … Autobiography. It’s basically video testimonies for cars. [Auto Evangelism]
  • Gap … “Apple Clean before the iPod” These guys have been doing “clean lines” and “white background” for decades . . . long before Apple.  Their landing page is visually compelling and simple. [Gap // Still Relevant]

So what do you say?  What do you love in a facebook landing page?  I’d love to hear!  [Leave some comment love now!]


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