Orange 2012 // How to feel at home in a portable church!

In a few weeks I’m speaking at the Orange Conference.  This week I’m talking about the workshops I have the honor of leading.  If you aren’t registered . . . or just want more information click here!

Is it possible to make compelling portable environments for your church without burning out your volunteers?

I’ve been leading in “portable churches” for over 500 Sundays and I plan on bringing the lessons I’ve learn from all those weekends to Orange and compressing them into a one hour workshop on feeling at home in a portable church.

Below is the agenda for our time together in this workshop.  I’m aiming to pack these sessions full with tips, tactics and strategy to help jump start your leadership!  Buckle up . . . we have a lot to cover!

  • Portable ≠ Lower Impact // It is possible to have massive impact with your ministry if it’s portable!  We’ll be looking at some innovative ways to use the fact that you are portable work for you . . . rather than against you!
  • 4 Critical Environment Design Factors // There is so much to consider when designing a portable church environment!  These four design factors will help you focus your design for maximum impact!
  • 10 Best Practices // We’ll be looking at some approaches and strategies employed by churches across the country that you need to consider for you church.
  • Team > Gear // The people you lead are more important the stuff they use or set up.  We’ll be looking at critical factors for managing a “Roadies” team in a portable church environment.
  • Q & A // At the end of the workshop we’ll throw it open for questions about stuff I said or left unsaid!  Come ready to engage!

I’d love to have you join me for this workshop at Orange.  This will be presented during the pre-conference workshops:

Wednesday, April 25th
11:00am – 12:00pm
Room #4

Bonus // As a thank you for attending Orange,  I’m also pulling together a digital resource pack to help leaders walk away from the workshop with tools they can put into action right away. Included in this resource pack will be:

  • 6 Weeks of “Done For You” Training Emails // Just do a bit of modification and send these out to your team on the Thursday before the weekend . . . a great way to train, motivate and equip your team!
  • 3 “Surprise & Delight” Event Layouts // Looking for a way to thank your team?  Do one of these simple and low cost events every month . . . your team will be bragging about how great it is to serve with you!
  • 5  Essential Forms & Docs // These documents and forms are the core essential parts of the system for managing a portable church.

If you or someone you know is attending Orange . . . I’d be honored to have you at this workshop!  

Are you a portable church?  I’d love to hear from you!  [What have you learned from leading in a portable environment? Join the conversation!]

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