Rock and Run | Engaging the Core

This week I’m doing a series of posts about our upcoming Dirty Water Rock and Run.  After being spurred on by Warren Bird’s post about the event last week – I thought it might be fun to document our progress before the run actually happens.

In our first time at running a 5k – 2/3rds of our runners and virtually 100% of our volunteers came from Liquid . . . clearly we need this group engaged!

Water Sunday | 4min 45sec Clip

I can’t stress how important our first public communication was – “Water Sunday” on August 1st – where Tim time out to update our church about where we were at with our Water Cause and invited them to give involved.

Setting the event in the context of vision is vital. Taking time to show and not tell what we are going to do is critical.  I don’t think we could do this event with just a series of announcements.

We also produced a series printed pieces including a direct mail postcard to our entire database as well as a really cool piece that Liquid Kids gave out in July to tie in with their “virtue” for the month.

Weekly  – we again flex our “Church is Fun” value and had Mike and Tom (our flexible campus pastors!) play a series of different characters to get people laughing and remind them that the run was coming!

Then yesterday (the Sunday before the event) we came back to the vision why we are doing the Rock and Run . . . and reminded people again through a video that we borrowed from our friends over at Living Water International.

Jacob? Edward? Join the Run!
Join "A Run Team!"
Enough costumes!
Story of the Thirsty

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