Rock and Run | Building the Team

This week: Talking about the Dirty Water Rock and Run happening on Saturday!  There is still time to sign up.  😉 See yesterday’s post.

I love seeing the team that comes together for events like this!  I think these “outreach” events are really core to what we do around here at Liquid . . . getting out of our seats and onto the streets!

Our teams:

Start/Finish Team – Responsible for checking people in and making sure that all the participants get lined up on the starting line!

On Course Team – Making sure our people have a great experience actually running the race – including water tables, cheerleaders and the detour team!

Roadies – Our crack team of amazing guys who help us transform the spaces into a great party site and a fun race course!

Party at the Park – Hosting bounce houses, face painting, and a bunch of other fun stuff for families!

Food Team – Gotta feed the crowd!  😉

Rock Team – It’s hard to have a “Rock and Run” without a great Rock Team.

Tech / Media – The guys in black shirts who make it all happen!

These teams are being led by a mixture of volunteers and staff.  We’ve had a series of 1on1 meetings and conference calls to make sure that everyone is moving together.

We use Google Forms a bunch in this project – people sign up in a form, that then a volunteer places team onto a team (another Google Doc) and sends an email out on my behalf.   The team leader can track (real time!) how the placement is going for their particular area.

We have sent out  “Where do I park?” and “You’re serving on XYZ team!” PDFs that gives our team members enough data to know when to arrive, where to go and a glimpse at what to expect.

My hope is that all of our team members have a fun time serving at the Rock and Run . . . this is a great chance to get to know some other people and create some good in our community!

What have you done to help people get connected to your large events?

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