3 (more) Reasons I’m Proud of My Church!

Liquid Church just turned 5 years old.  It was Easter 2007 when a group of about 300 people set out to launch a church for people who aren't into church in the heart of New Jersey.  It's been quiet the ride!  This past Easter we had over 3,000 people join...

[Orange 2012] Free Resources to Help Your Church!

This week I'm attending the Orange Conference in Atlanta.  I've had the privilege of being a workshop presenter for three different sessions.  Honored to be associated with this team of amazing game changers for the Kingdom! To celebrate Orange and to give back to the community I've developed two digital download kits...

Mobile Computing is Here to Stay. [Infographic]

This week I'm sending you a series of great infographics that you could use with your team.  We'd love to hear about what you think of them!  Join the conversation. We are at the tipping point of another technology revolution.  50% of phones are now "smart phones".  Mobile computer is...

Last Minute Easter // Facebook Blitz

It's Wednesday . . . but Sunday's Coming! This week we're going to focus on easy to execute last minute promotion activities that you can do this to help people learn about your Easter services next weekend.  Join in the conversation!  We'd love to hear your ideas! All year you've been grooming...
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