4 Leadership Lessons from the Olympics

I bumped into this article from Forbes magazine about the Olympics and leadership lessons that can be drawn from it.  I thought it might be worth commenting on it here as we reflect on our leadership in our churches. 1. Branding: As the closing ceremonies come to an end for...

Is your church “new” enough?

When people think about our churches does the word "new" ever come to mind?  We live in a culture that leverages "new" to draw people in . . .how does your church use "new" to point people towards Jesus? Have you ever noticed how theme parks sell themselves?  Check out this screen...

[Orange 2012] Free Resources to Help Your Church!

This week I'm attending the Orange Conference in Atlanta.  I've had the privilege of being a workshop presenter for three different sessions.  Honored to be associated with this team of amazing game changers for the Kingdom! To celebrate Orange and to give back to the community I've developed two digital download kits...
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